Top-quality artisanal pasta from Basilicata

At lungano Farm we have been growing wheat for three generations, working the land with love and respect, to bring excellence from the fields to your table. Our farm is located in the area of Forenza, in Basilicata, and is run by Matilde Lungano, together with her husband Giuseppe.

First of all, we see ourselves as a family of farmers, proud to be wheat growers since 1938, with a long history as suppliers of large pasta factories. Recently, we decided to become processors of our own products: that is why we sow and grow durum wheat which will become pasta under the Donna Matilde brand, but we also produce ancient fruits and grapes, to be processed into jams and cooked must in our laboratories.

The different varieties of wheat we grow have their own history and specific organoleptic features, but all have been chosen according to strict agronomic and quality criteria. Traceability is guaranteed at every stage of production, as is the absence of chemical residues, certified by regular laboratory analyses.


Donna Matilde pasta has all the credentials to be considered an artisanal and non-standard product. We do not use pesticides or chemical treatments in our fields. While the genuineness of the production is a guarantee of quality, it also means that each year produces a different grain, which will affect the appearance and taste of our pasta.

Our company is a member of the "Metodo Nobile" (Me.No. ®) Consortium, which was set up to offer agri-food companies a new production approach, based on the philosophy summarised in the motto "less but better", according to which less quantity equals more product quality.

Based on a specification inspired by the least use  (when not the absence) of polluting methods, the "Metodo Nobile" provides consumers with certified guarantees on the quality level of the product.

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