Matilde Lungano is originally from Forenza, where her family's farm is based, and which she started managing immediately after graduating. As expert in historical gastronomy, she has always had a great passion for traditional Basilicata (or "Lucanian") cuisine, and is always involved in activities aimed at promoting typical Basilicata products and ancient rural recipes.

She is the former regional president of the 'Donne in Campo' association of women farmers (a branch of the Italian Farmers’ Confederation). For several years, she has edited the cookery column in the “Buongiorno Regione” programme on the local TV news for Basilicata. She has numerous gastronomic publications to her credit.

With the Donna Matilde brand, she has carried out "agri-catering" activities, taking the products of the Iungano Farm outside the fields where they are grown and offering them in refreshments and buffets, prepared according to peasant recipes. An itinerant form of agri-tourism arising from the need to promote the area, but also to recover culinary traditions that are part of Basilicata's cultural heritage.

Donna Matilde is the first durum wheat pasta line produced in Basilicata using the "Metodo Nobile". At Iungano Farm, we carefully control the raw material and production methods. Our commitment is aimed at obtaining a quality pasta both in terms of taste and flavour and in terms of nutritional properties.

Thanks to the use of our farm grains, Donna Matilde pasta can boast a very high quality also from the point of view of healthiness. We guarantee an artisanal pasta at every stage of production, and are able to offer increasingly attentive and informed consumers, the possibility of having a healthy and genuine product on their table, as well as good to eat.

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