The choice of wheat varieties to be cultivated is fundamental for obtaining a good raw material and is based on two criteria: quality profile and production potential. Our fields are cultivated using environment friendly methods, in the belief that only top quality wheat can guarantee the health safety of the final product.

We study the nature of our soils and their response to different crops, in order to respect the timing and choose the most suitable tillage. We advance the crops to maintain and improve the fertility of the soil and sow our wheat after improving crops or renewal crops.

We only choose the varieties of durum wheat that best reflect our territory and are most suitable for the artisanal pasta-making process. The enhancement of local production traditions is the starting and arrival point of the Iungano Farm. We are aware that, starting from ancient knowledge, a return to the past is necessary to preserve our territory and our identity..

Thanks to the use of our farm grains, Donna Matilde pasta can boast a very high quality also from the point of view of healthiness. We guarantee an artisanal pasta at every stage of production, and are able to offer increasingly attentive and informed consumers, the possibility of having a healthy and genuine product on their table, as well as good to eat.

Pasta di semola di grano duro
100 % grano italiano

Ottentuta con lavorazione artigianale, trafilatura al bronzo e lenta essiccazione

100 % grano italiano

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